5 gadgets to help you get through winter

We all know that winter is a tough gig. With constant cold weather and dark nights, it can be hard to jump out of bed and live your best life.

Well, help is at hand, in the form of some very clever smart tech. Whether you need some mood-lifting lighting or an immersive escape from the dull grey days – these gadgets will be your winter saviours.

Rise and shine

You know the scene. Your alarm goes off and it’s still pitch black outside. You’re cold and you don’t want to get from under the duvet. What you need is the Philips Somneo sleep & wake-up light.

With natural sunrise simulation and light-guided breathing exercises built in, this smart light will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day, whatever the weather.

Put the (body) heating on

If you have trouble regulating your body temperature in the colder months, then check out the amazing Embr Wave. It looks like a watch, but acts like a personal thermostat.

Simply access the watch via the smartphone app, and by using “cutting-edge thermoelectrics and precisely engineered algorithms” the Wave cools you down when you’re too hot and heats you up when you’re cold. Just the thing for a freezing winter’s day.

Escape to paradise

There’s nothing like a stroll along a tropical beach to ward off the winter blues. And while it might be a bit impractical to jump on a plane and head for Hawaii, we know the next best thing – the Oculus Go VR headset.

Pop on the standalone unit and you can be instantly transported to anywhere in the universe, thanks to the available VR games and immersive TV shows. The very definition of escapism.

Wrap up and tune-in

A stroll in the fresh air is a great antidote to low mood in the winter. But it’s hard to find the motivation when it’s so chilly outside. Well, warm up your noggin and stream some soothing tunes at the same time with the Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie.

Available in a wide range of colours, the Rotibox comes fully kitted out with controller buttons and an in-built mic for answering calls on the go. Look cool and stay warm, without having to disconnect.

Get clever with your power

It might not have the same coolpoints as some of the other tech on offer here, but the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch smart plug is the perfect way to get your home winter-ready.

For example, you could plug in a heated blanket to the WeMo. That way, twenty minutes before you go up to bed simply switch on the blanket from your smartphone. By the time you get under the duvet, your bed will be toasty. Ideal.

Have you got any hot tips for great winter gadgets? Let us know!