About Smart Home Week

With nearly 30% of UK homeowners owning at least one smart home product, the future looks smart for households across the country.

But there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding smart home technology.

That’s why the mission of Smart Home Week 2020 is ‘making it simple to be smart.’  The week will be a showcase for the very best in smart, connected and integrated home technology. We’ll answer the questions to help consumers overcome the barriers into smart tech.

Building on the success of our 2017, 2018 and 2019 campaigns, from 21st – 27th September 2020, we’ll be highlighting the best smart products across the smart home market.

The main purpose of the campaign is to inform, educate and reassure UK consumers about the benefits and opportunities of living in a smart, connected way. We address current concerns about complexity, reliability and data security, alongside any other smart home-related queries, so homeowners can rest assured that their smart home is working the best for them.

Smart Home Week is an industry campaign voluntarily funded by our sponsors, with other companies including manufacturers, installers, stockists, and retailers signing up to become supporters of the campaign.

The campaign has an appointed marketing agency to project manage and promote Smart Home Week. For more information, please get in touch at info@smarthomeweek.co.uk