Amazon Echo: the success that keeps repeating itself

The Amazon Echo has quickly become one of the most popular smart home products on the market since its UK release in October 2016, two years on from its launch in the US. With a range of useful features that have appealed to even the biggest technophobes, the Echo, with the help of its voice control system ‘Alexa’, is all about making your daily tasks easier.

Setting your alarm, checking the weather, reading your favourite audiobook and even playing your favourite songs can be fulfilled using your voice with the help of Echo and Alexa, without even having to move an inch. Just say a command and one of its seven hidden microphones will instantly recognise your voice and complete your task, something that many consumers have found they want to enhance their already technology-filled lives.

There’s also the Echo Dot, a smaller version of the original Echo, which has been released as an additional device, and has nearly identical features, just as a scaled-down size. Echo also links with devices such as lights and switches, alongside integrated smart home systems such as Samsung SmartThings and the Wink hub.

Alongside the Amazon Echo, the built-in Alexa voice recognition system is also gradually being included in a number of other products available on the market. More recently, Alexa has been making its way into cars, allowing drivers to voice control their music choices and even remotely control smart home devices whilst on the road.

And it doesn’t stop there. A huge number of technology companies are jumping at the chance to integrate with the system, and we can expect to see the Echo’s best friend Alexa being integrated into many more products in the next twelve months.

The success of the Echo just keeps on growing. Amazon revealed that it sold nearly nine times as many Echo’s in 2016 compared to the previous year, explaining it was the best-selling product on Amazon Christmas 2016. With its very sophisticated hands free voice control that lets you ask ‘Alexa’ anything, we can see why.

If you would like to learn more about the Amazon Echo, visit the website to see its full range of features.