Cubit: The future of DIY

AR, or Augmented Reality, is one of the hottest pieces of technology to appear over the past few years. Introduced to the mainstream through the Pokemon Go app, AR technology is being adapted and developed to make life easier across a huge number of sectors, with DIY being one of the latest to see the benefits of AR-based applications.

Showcased at CES 2018, the Cubit tool from construction technology firm Plott is designed to make time-consuming measurements and planning a thing of the past. Utilising AR to map out design ideas, the Cubit’s AR viewer gives users the ability to add features and furnishings, fully scaled and easily changeable on the fly.

The designs are mapped onto the living area and the dimensions recorded to the handheld tool, ready to be used. This then guides the user to the exact coordinates needed to transfer the designs into real life, and make those DIY dreams a reality.

It’s unsurprising how popular AR development is when the sheer number of different applications for it are considered. DIY is something that sparks fear in a huge number of people who are wary of getting stuck in a project that takes too long and gets left half-finished – maybe the Cubit is the first step to shaking off those demons and opening up DIY to the masses.

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