Essential smart tech for your bathroom

As the smart home revolution continues, we are seeing more and more of our domestic appliances becoming connected. From fridges to vacuum cleaners – the internet of things is becoming a household norm.

But one room that seems to be less plugged-in is the bathroom. Of course, there are obvious restrictions around power supplies and safety. But there are some bits of tech emerging, that could turn your bathroom into a smart tech nirvana.

Here are some of the products that will be making their way into every tech lover’s bathroom in the very near future:

Showerheads with added music

The humble showerhead is perhaps the last place you’d look for tech innovation. That’s all set to change though, with the Moxie shower head from Kohler. Featuring a wireless Bluetooth speaker built right in, this is the perfect bath time gadget for the serious music lover.

Weigh-cool scales

With the current trend for health and wellness becoming ever more popular, the traditional bathroom scale has started to look a little limited in capabilities. Enter, the Fitbit Aria 2 – a WiFi-enabled smart scale that can measure weight, body fat percentage and BMI, all in one step. We’re not sure whether it’s able to stop you sneaking a late night biscuit, though!

Seriously smart loos

The basic flush toilet has survived pretty much unchanged since its invention in the 16th Century  – until now, that is. The award-winning Geberit Aquaclean Mera is a shower toilet that features a heated seat, odour extraction, and a temperature-controlled air dryer. Cool, but also kind of gross.

Mirrors with benefits

This is a gadget that will get you some serious tech cool points. At first glance, the Watervue looks like an ordinary bathroom mirror. But a simple press of a button turns it into a Full HD TV, complete with Freeview and in-built speakers. Catching up with the soaps while in the bath? Why not!

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