Advancing your smart home

Looking for some advanced smart home advice? From Zigbee to Z-Wave we look how you can advance your smart home technology and get the best out of the products on the market currently. In these guides, we cover automation, types of wireless communication, and other tech-nerd wizardry.

The Smart Hub

What actually is a smart hub? A smart hub is hardware or software which connects smart devices together in one interface. A smart hub is able to communicate with pretty much every type of smart device, which you can then access via a single app in order to build out complex automation routines – which can be a lot of fun!
Not sure what smart hub to purchase? Samsung SmartThings Hub is a great option, helping to make your home truly smart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Man looking confused with speech bubble stating what's the different between a smart hub and a smart speaker?

A smart speaker allows you to control other smart devices independently with your voice, whereas a smart hub is a centralised system which enables you to set up and perform coordinated routines automatically.

man looking confused with speech bubble stating can i achieve an automated home without major adjustments

The great thing about smart home tech is that there are many different levels of adoption. You can create an automated home with a select number of smart home devices, or upgrade everything to be smart to create a fully automated home.

woman looking confused with speech bubble saying can i still have a smart home with slower wi-fi?

Smart tech products do benefit from a faster Wi-Fi service, but you can still get up and running with a slower connection.

A guide to Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-fi and other protocol standards

As you start to install more and more smart home devices around your house, using your Wi-fi to communicate with them can put strain on your router. This is where Zigbee and Z-wave come in, these two protocols offer a way for compatible smart devices to speak to each other around your home without relying on Wi-Fi. These protocols also allow you to synchronise your network of smart products to create fully automated schedules within your home. Want to wake up to the sound of your radio, with your heating on, kitchen light on and coffee brewing, you can through Zigbee, Z-wave and a compatible hub, our guide takes a comprehensive look at:

  • The protocols available
  • The benefits of Zigbee and Z-wave
  • Which protocol is right for your home