Building a smart home system

You’ve got one or two smart devices in your home and would like to start building your smart home further, but you’re not sure what product to buy next? We’re on hand to give you guidance on what products to choose and how to build a smart home to suit yours and your home’s needs. From smart locks and security alarms to cooking equipment and smart plugs, we’ve got all the information you need before making your next purchase.


Ever thought keyless entry into your home is just a thing of the future? Not anymore, smart locks are becoming more popular and prevalent on the marketplace. Smart locks enable you to unlock and lock your door via a smartphone, tablet, keypad or fob. With secure and convenient keyless entry systems, you can have full control over the access to your home, monitoring comings and goings and improve the security of your home.
Recommended Products: We would recommend with the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock or the Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock, both are simple to install and easy to use, putting you fully in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman looking confused with a speech bubble stating what is an ecosystem

An ecosystem is a bunch of smart products which speak to each other as they carry out their different things around your home.

man looking confused with a speech bubble stating how secure is smart home technology

Smart tech is extremely secure, and it has been much improved in the last few years.

woman looking confused with a speech bubble saying can i take my smart products with me when i move

As the majority of smart products are wireless, you can easily remove them and reinstall in your new property.

A-Z of Smart Security

With a plethora of smart jargon out there, it’s all too easy to get lost between IFTTT, jamming detection, open-source and the myriad of other lingo. So, we’ve put together this handy A-Z guide of smart security terminology and acronyms.