How are we ‘entertaining’ smart technology in the entertainment market?

We all enjoy taking some time for ourselves, whether that is watching television, listening to music or simply reading a good book, so it’s unsurprising that one of the most promising markets for smart technology is the entertainment sector, where smart televisions and other gadgets are changing the way we relax and unwind.

The attraction of smart entertainment systems is shown in the latest research from OnePoll, on behalf of Smart Home Week, where 66% of participants said they own at least one smart TV, which is impressive considering they have only become widely available in the last ten years. New advances, including AI-assistance and the development of QLED and MicroLED technology, show that the future of smart television is looking bright.

Homeowners aren’t just interested in new ways of watching; 15% of the survey’s participants saw entertainment as a key driver for future investment in smart technology, indicating a wide interest in consumers utilising smart technology for the purpose of entertainment.

Part of the rise in interest in smart entertainment is connectivity. Voice assistance systems such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are looking like a key part of the entertainment sectors future, with one in five wishing to own the devices to control music and other entertainment systems.

It’s clear that the entertainment market will be a key driver for smart engagement – one where we can forget about the struggles of losing the remote down the back of the sofa, or not having the right ambiance for film nights.

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