How smart home tech can boost productivity when working from home

The current global crisis has meant that many people are now working from home for the foreseeable future. Here’s how smart tech can help you get your job done more efficiently.

The global coronavirus pandemic has meant that more people than ever before are working from home. And it can be disorienting and distracting for your place of comfort and solitude to suddenly become your place of work.

Support during this time can come from some unlikely sources. Whether it’s your partner becoming your office buddy or getting the family pet to act as company therapist, it’s important to reassess all the things around your home to see how they can help you work better.

One area that can definitely help you be more productive is smart home technology. Here we have put together five ways that the smart tech around your house can help you when it comes to working from home.


Keep communicating with a security camera

Social distancing rules mean that you might feel uncomfortable answering the front door and chatting to people on your doorstep. But, if you’re working from home, this can make receiving essential deliveries a bit difficult. A way around this is with a smart security camera or video doorbell, which are controlled via your smartphone. By fitting one at your front door you’ll be able to see who’s visiting, and if you chose one which has two-way audio, you’ll also be able to communicate with them from any room in the house, via your smartphone.


Keep an eye on what’s going on

Working from home can be a real balancing act, as you juggle all the different aspects of the home. Keeping an eye on everything that’s going on in the home can be made that little easier with a smart indoor camera.

You can check what the kids are up to in the other room or keep an eye on your furry friend. You can even talk to them via your smartphone, whilst replying to emails from your home office!


Voice assistant news updates

When there’s lots of activity in the news, it’s easy to get sucked into live rolling news or social media feeds. It’s important to find a good balance of how much news coverage you are taking in, so you’re kept up to date with the latest headlines without being bogged down with too much information.

Instead, keep informed by programming your chosen voice assistant to provide you with timely news updates at set periods throughout the day; for example, first thing in the morning over breakfast, again at lunch and a roundup of the day’s news in the evening.


Ensure office security

Working from home has meant that people are now keeping expensive IT equipment that would usually be locked away safely in office buildings on their properties. In order to keep these products safe—without putting your entire house on lockdown—consider investing in a smart alarm. Installing a smart alarm which has a part-arm functionality, means you can protect your home office outside of work hours, whilst you use the other areas of the house as normal.


Use a smart plug to time your tasks

When you’re busy working at home, it’s easy to lose track of time and work for long stretches without a break. Unfortunately, this can lead to burn-out and bad posture. So, grab a smart plug and put it to work.

Using the schedule function that’s available with most smart plugs, you can control home appliances via your smartphone. Smart plugs are easy to set up, enabling you to switch most appliances on and off at set periods through the day. So, you could set up a repeated schedule of an hour switched on and then off for 15 minutes. Then, simply plug in a lamp or radio to the smart plug. If the radio or lamp is on, get to work, and if it’s off, take a break!


Smart Home Week is returning for a fourth year, from 21-27 September. The awareness campaign is designed to provide advice and information on the range of smart products available, cutting through the jargon, and making the smart home more accessible, as well as showcasing the best and latest developments in the smart home world to help you upgrade your existing ecosystem.