Could Microsoft be the next smart heart of the home?

Microsoft is reportedly planning its own smart home system designed to take on the likes of Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Echo. The device, called ‘HomeHub’ will be part of the next Windows 10 update, anticipated to launch in September.

HomeHub has been designed and developed to run on any Windows 10 PC and will be a central platform for families to share access to apps, calendars and lists. The system will also integrate with third-party smart home products such as Philips Hue lighting, Nest products and Samsung.

Being a Microsoft platform, users will also be able to use voice-command via Cortana to control their homes and make verbal demands such as making and receiving calls, carry out internet searches and control other smart home devices remotely.

Could this be the new ecosystem to rival Amazon, Google and Apple to be the best framework for managing devices and affairs in the home?