Raconteur Report: ‘Smart Technology and Living’

The report investigates the ‘Internet of Things’ phenomena and the smart home revolution that has been “just around the corner” for the last 20 years. The research suggest that the smart technology market is at a tipping point, with homeowner demand for smart products causing the industry to increase its overall smart technology offering.

Experts have responded to the high demand for connected products, suggesting that any potential smart device must prove itself to be a solution to a relatable problem for consumers. For example, the need for smart products that allow consumers to have remote monitoring of their homes offers a solution to the worries homeowners have when away from their properties.

In fact, 66% of UK consumers agree that connected devices should have the potential to make their lives easier*. As such, Yale has taken this consumer need for convenience and developed the new Conexis® L1 Smart Door Lock that allows homeowners to unlock their front door using the ‘Twist-and-Go’ functionality via the Bluetooth low energy app.

The Conexis® L1 Smart Door Lock is part of a family of connected smart locks in the Yale Smart Living range referenced in the report that include the Keyless and Keyfree connected smart door locks. These give users the option to open their door via key card, key tag or key fob or even via a smartphone when connected to a smart home system.

The new report also discusses the arrival of 5G, the fifth generation of wireless mobile telecommunications that will be in the UK at the end of the decade. The introduction of this network will make a connected life much more feasible, convenient and quick as more and more devices are introduced into a complete home hub system.

The connected home is not far away. Living amongst connected devices is already happening even if you don’t realise it and it’s only set to become a more integral part of a home in the near future.

For more information, or to read the full Raconteur Smart Technology and Living report, please visit www.raconteur.com

Source: *Deloitte