Renewable energy usage set to overtake fossil fuels by 2020

New research has suggested that renewable energy could become the UK’s primary electricity source as soon as 2020.

The study, carried out by energy insight experts EnAppSys, predicts that renewables such as wind and solar will generate 121.3TWh of electricity in 2020, ahead of the forecasted 105.6TWh for fossil fuels such as coal and gas.

The prediction is based on 2018 energy supply figures, which show a steady decline in fossil fuel energy generation against a strong 15% growth in renewables. This increase led to renewable energy sources being responsible for one-third of all electricity in the UK last year.

Offshore wind power is believed to be a key driver in the growth of UK renewable energy. It is expected that offshore will become even more popular as costs of production start to fall, putting at the forefront of the renewables revolution.

The UK is aiming to eradicate the use of coal completely by 2025, and these latest figures certainly appear to support this vision.

This latest news follows an announcement earlier this month stating that, in 2018, renewable energy overtook coal as Germany’s leading power source for the first time.

Elsewhere, Portugal produced 103% of its energy from renewable sources in March 2018 – showing that the move to sustainable power is a global concern.

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