Round-up: Smart tech in the news

Technology is continually improving, with developers finding new and innovative ways to enhance the end-user’s experience and create alternative technology to improve how we live.  

For example, the original iPhone, launched in 2007, was one of the first devices to use a multi-touch interface, which is a common feature of many products in 2019. Camera phones were introduced into the market back in 2000, providing users with instant photos and videos.

Now smart technology is on the rise, homes are becoming more connected and there is no indication of the trend slowing down. With this being said, let’s look into some of the latest smart tech news:

Smart Tech On The Rise

According to research from global consultancy firm Ernst and Young, by 2020, 59% of UK households are expected to own a smart home device, up from the current 26%. Technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with wireless connectivity, voice activation and artificial intelligence all part of everyday life. Ernst and Young found that convenience, control and efficiency are key features making the smart home much more desirable.

iPhone Wireless Charging

Apple Insider has reported that the new iPhone 11 could have a 25% bigger battery to accommodate for reverse wireless charging, where your phone can wirelessly charge other devices. Although currently rumours, it’s exciting to see the continued development of one of the leading tech brands.

Smart Cooking Thermometer

The Leicester Mercury innovation awards showcased Meater, the world’s first wireless ‘smart meat’ thermometer. The stainless-steel probe communicates with your phone via Bluetooth, ensuring roasts, steaks and burgers are perfectly cooked – perfect for barbeques. Built to withstand up to 300C and has warning alerts if there are problems throughout the cooking time.

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