Cheat codes, raps and games – our top 5 secret tricks that you never knew Alexa could do

Amazon’s eponymous voice assistant has been helping to keep us organised and up-to-date on everything from the weather to the traffic for nearly six years, massively changing the way we live our lives in the process.

However, helpful information and route planning aren’t the only things that Alexa can do. The developers over at Amazon have also given their most famous product some cool secret tricks that you can use; from impromptu raps to ‘Super-Alexa’ mode, we’ve picked out our top five favourite things that you never knew Alexa could do

Play it out

If you’re looking for a worthy opponent for your gaming fix, why not try Alexa? By saying ‘Alexa, play Rock, Paper, Scissors’, you can take on your voice assistant to see who comes out on top. However, that’s not all; if you want to take it a step further, try changing it to ‘Alexa, play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock’ and see what happens!

Cheating the system

Now, do you fancy a bit of nostalgia? Well, if you’re a video game fan, you’re in luck! By saying ‘Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start’, you can activate ‘Super-Alexa’. Now we could tell you what to expect, but we think you should try it and find out for yourself…

Keeping quiet

When we get up in the mornings, the last thing we want to be greeted with is a bright light and a loudspeaker. Amazon’s developers have thought of this and have installed a feature inside Alexa that will recognise the tone of your voice; simply whisper to Alexa to enable her quiet mode, with a dimly lit screen and lowered volume making your early rises that bit more comfortable.

Rhyme Time

After a bit of a musical interlude, but not sure what to choose? Alexa isn’t just a speaker – she’s a singer! By commanding your speaker with the phrase ‘Alexa, rap for me’, you can be treated to some great tunes, courtesy of your most vocal voice assistant.

Eye spy

Now this final trick is actually only available on the newer Echo Show, which is a portable tablet-style version of the Echo system. The trick was actually a development designed to aid visually impaired people with recognition of objects in their home, but anyone can get access to it; if you make sure your camera on the Echo Show is on, and use the phrase ‘Alexa, what am I holding?’, your Echo’s camera will work out what you have in your hands, in some cases right down to the brand!

Whilst we’ve only covered a few of our favourite tricks here, there are a huge number of secret codes and quirky tricks that are built into Amazon’s premiere voice assistant. Whether you’re after a joke to pass the time, or information you never knew you needed, Alexa has it all – you just might not know how to ask her for it.