Smart tech that speaks for itself – what’s the future for voice activation?

Many of us will have seen or heard about voice assistants, maybe from friends or family members asking ‘Alexa’ to play their favourite song, or perhaps even on TV, where we’ve heard people ask, “Hey, Google, what’s the weather going to be like today?”.

It’s clear that many of us see the real benefits of utilising voice assistant technology. Recent research from OnePoll, on behalf of Smart Home Week, revealed that voice activation is second on the list of ways we can control the home in the next ten years*, so it’s clear to see that voice assistants are set to become even more popular in homes across the country.

So what exactly is making voice activation technology a ‘must-have’ for homeowners? The survey revealed that 35% of adults wanted smart home products that are designed for comfort and convenience*, something that voice assistants provide in abundance, offering up the idea that ease of use and making lives easier are key drivers for people interested in investing in smart home technology.

With 38% of consumers interested in voice activation technology, it’s fair to say it looks like it won’t be long before we’ll see voice assistants such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home in our homes as standard. In fact, research also show that in the next 10 years, 31% of people feel that voice assistants will be integrated into our homes, making our lives much easier, one word at a time.

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*An independent market research survey of 2000 adults completed by OnePoll on behalf of Smart Home Week. The study covered knowledge and attitudes towards the smart home and its future.