Smarter Ways To Clean

Keeping on-top of your cleaning regime can be tough task, especially if you’re juggling a career, social life and family commitments too. Sometimes, you just want to get in after a busy day and relax. 

This is where smart tech can help – designed to reduce time spent scrubbing and keeping your home spick and span. We’ve done all the hard work for you and found the top products out now to give you a helping hand with the housework…

Smart Hoovering

There are many household tasks which can only be described as mundane, hoovering is one of them. The drowning sound of dust being swirled into a bag is far from appealing, but what is the alternative?

Bringing a fun element into the equation is the POWERbot Star Wars robot Vacuum VR700 from Samsung. The ‘force’ is strong with this one, it’s not just self-charging but also mimics Darth Vader’s signature breathing. Visionary mapping maps out the layout of every room and clever sensors prevent any bumps and damages to your home. Wi-Fi integrated and compatible with the SmartThings app, you can quickly schedule a speedy clean while on the go! 

Smart Laundry

Washing and drying clothes is time-consuming and we’re all guilty of leaving clothes in the washer resulting in having to wash them over again. Well, now you can wave goodbye to stinky socks with this nifty piece of kit…

Samsung WW8800 Smart Washing Machine provides superspeed technology to half your washing time without compromising on wash quality, and the load sensor function helps you save water and energy when washing fewer items.  

With Samsung Connect app connectivity, you are notified of when your wash is ready, which is handy for those who become easily side-tracked. During the wash cycle, if you realise you’ve missed a few items, you can easily drop them in without affecting the wash, which is very handy!

Smart Dishwashers

Research has reported that in 2018 nearly half of the UK population owned a dishwasher*, meaning the days of using a washing-up bowl are long gone for many households. Extremely convenient for busy lifestyles – just throw your crockery in and carry on with your day. But sometimes, if you don’t get your settings right, dishes can be stained or not cleaned properly. 

Bosch Serie|8 PerfectDry Dishwasher provides you with optimal cleaning at low water consumption, and app connectivity eliminates guesswork by recommending the right program on your mobile.

The system boasts easy programming to make your dishes and glasses sparkle, all you need to do is enter the degree of spoiling, type and quantity to get the perfect setting, cycle after cycle. It even notifies you when the dishes are clean. 

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