Tasty Treats: The smart gadgets helping to reimagine the kitchen

Almost every room in the home now has a wealth of smart technology aimed at making life more convenient, and the kitchen is no exception. From connected cookers to smart fire alarms, there is a gadget for almost any purpose and we’ve selected our top 3 choices for you to check out.

Whirlpool Integrated Appliances
Whirlpool’s latest offering is a triple set of kitchen essentials in the form of an oven, fridge and microwave. Debuted at CES 2018, its most unique feature is the compatibility with Yummly, an AR-based cooking app with image recognition that gives users suggested recipes from what they have available, while the fridge itself comes with an interactive dashboard with digital Amazon Dash buttons for quick reordering of ingredients.

Once a recipe is decided on, Yummly takes users through the steps to prepare it while the oven automatically preheats itself, and is controlled by the app throughout the cooking process. Can’t make it to the cooker in time to turn it off? The app has it covered, lowering the temperature to keep the food warm, and then turning off the oven if users still aren’t back in time. Cooking has never been simpler.

Smart Garden 3
It’s always nice to be able to use fresh herbs – but keeping them alive and flourishing isn’t always easy. Luckily the Smart Garden 3, from Click and Grow, is here to help.

A self-contained planter, it contains a grow lamp and water tank large enough for a month unattended. It’s NASA-inspired “Smart Soil” keeps every nutrient level perfectly balanced and there’s even an app that lets users check on their plants away from home; it’s the perfect addition for truly invested cooks.

Nest Protect
Our final choice isn’t something to make cooking easier, but to make it safer. The Protect is a smart fire alarm designed to keep an eye on the kitchen at all times, with app connectivity that allows users to shut it off from a phone if they’ve burned your toast; it also keeps its eye on more serious issues, such as Carbon Monoxide levels, and alerts users through push notifications and voice messages if something’s wrong. It really is the perfect companion to keep cooking on the right track.

The kitchen is perhaps the room which can benefit the most from smart technology, as it turns cooking from a chore into an experience; definitely a dish worth trying out.