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Saving money is always nice, as it gives us a little extra to spend on ourselves and our hobbies. One of the best ways to lower our spending is to keep on top of our energy bills, and with heating and hot water accounting for around 62% of annual bills*, a smart thermostat can help homeowners save huge amounts per year.

Homeowners are adopting the idea of connected home systems more rapidly than ever. Research from OnePoll, on behalf of Smart Home Week, shows that 60% of adults would consider switching out their existing systems, such as thermostats and lights, for smart devices**. The main motivation seems to be cost saving, with half of consumers seeing money saving as the most important factor when considering investing in Smart Technology**.

With heating costs being a major factor, it’s unsuprising that 28% of homeowners are interested in app-controlled thermostats**, with 12% definitely intending to purchase a device in the near future**.

The tadorange is perfect for meeting this need. The system can operate either as a wired thermostat, or as individual units placed onto radiators, giving unrivalled flexibility to control heating across the home. With its integrated control system and internet connection, the whole system can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and even incorporates weather forecast planning to automatically adjust heating levels dependant on the climate.

tadois so confident in its technology that it has a 12-month energy savings guarantee, including a guaranteed refund if consumer’s energy prices don’t fall. On top of that, there’s also up to a 31% saving to be made, truly making tadooone of the hottest products in the smart technology market right now.

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* The Energy Saving Trust – 2017
** An independent market research survey of 2000 adults completed by OnePoll on behalf of Smart Home Week. The study covered knowledge and attitudes towards the smart home and its future.