The smarter way to control your life

We’re always looking for shortcuts and easy ways to reduce the amount of worry we have in everyday life. From lights to heating and music to door locks, there’s a huge number of menial tasks we perform in a day. But what if you could get your home set up to make your life easier, without even pushing a button?

The idea of having a “smart” home, programmed to perform multiple different actions, is clearly quite popular with the UK public. Recent results from a research study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Smart Home Week, showed that 36% of people wanted smart technology to provide comfort and convenience*. This concept is further supported by the fact that 23% wanted a central “smart hub” through which they can control all of their devices*.

Samsung’s SmartThings range is a perfect example of how an integrated hub can work. A multi-purpose home system, SmartThings has a number of different modules that can be used in combination to create innovative solutions. For example, speakers and lights can be connected to create a ‘Good Morning’ scene, which gradually turns on and increases light and volume at a set time every day. Or, you can combine smart door locks, thermostats and voice assistants, so you can secure your home and lower the heating with a simple phrase when you go to bed.

With compatibility from a number of different brands and with multiple sensors and control units, the system’s limit is really just your imagination.

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*An Independent market research survey of 2000 adults completed by OnePoll on behalf of Smart Home Week. The study covered knowledge and attitudes towards the smart home and its future