Top tech for pet lovers


Getting the latest smart tech for our homes is something of an obsession for us. But sometimes that means our furry friends are left out of the loop. We thought it was about time to balance that out, so we’ve scoured the digital world to bring you some of the most innovative smart tech for pet owners.

Thanks to smart technology, we can monitor our every move via our phones or fitness bands. But why should our pets miss out on the fun? That’s where the FitBark comes in. This Fitbit for dogs lets you track your pooch’s steps, warn of potential health issues, and track fitness goals.

You’d be barking not to get it for your hound!

FroliCat Bolt Laser Toy

Playtime with your pet can be great fun. But if your little bundle of joy has a bit too much energy, you might want to consider the FroliCat Bolt. This clever laser toy will provide hours of fun for them and hours of rest for you. Although you’ll probably end up watching them playing with this for hours, anyway!

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum

As any pet owner will tell you, making sure your beloved companion is well hydrated is an ongoing concern. Well, the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain from PetSafe might just be the ideal solution to these concerns.

The fountain provides a constant stream of flowing, aerated water for your pooch or feline to sip from. The inbuilt carbon filter gets rid of bad tastes or odours, too. Even the fussiest cat or dog will never go thirsty with this gadget.

Yale Home View WiFi Camera

Even the most laid-back person can sometimes get a little anxious about what their pet is up to when they’re not around. If that sounds like you, consider getting hold of the Yale Home View WiFi Camera.

This clever little gadget will give you a front row seat to your pet’s movements, wherever you are in the world – all in HD clarity. It even has motion detection, so you can set an alert to warn you if your cheeky mutt strays into a forbidden part of the house!

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