Virtual Training: Real Results – The future of fitness in VR

Many of us set goals to slim down by summer, whether that involves going for a run every day, joining a gym or just buying a set of weights. However, not many actually stick to the regimes – something that Black Box VR is looking to change.

Pioneering a “fully immersive virtual reality gym experience”, the companies aim is to revolutionise the fitness market, turning training from a chore into a game. Using VR headsets and a fitness station with a resistance pulley system, the user is transported into a virtual world and asked to play as a character, offering instant rewards that Black Box claim are better at building habits, rather than the long-term goals of a traditional fitness regime.

One of the most unique features of the technology is Black Box’s interest in utilising the bodies fight-or-flight and adrenaline production to boost training levels. Through the VR station they attempt to stimulate the feeling of “actual danger or urgency”, allowing users to push beyond their normal effort levels. To top it off, they use machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to influence training regimes and develop personalised programs.

The idea of the VR Fitness Centre is a refreshing one for sure, as it is no secret that actual fitness regimes are one area that smart technology has yet to improve – but the day it happens may be closer than you think.